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How To Start A Blog 2018

Stop talking yourself out of it and just do it. Good life advice for most things, that is.

I’ve been wanting to start blogging for a while now, but I kept thinking: who’s going to be interested in what I have to say? What am I even going to write about that’s interesting enough to make a successful blog? - I’m going around in circles here, as you can see. I love writing, making lists and organising my life by writing it down – a true Taurus.


I kept finding myself reading blogs about different topics from people all over the world and I thought: this could easily be someone else across the world who ends up reading my blog and similarly feeling inspired or positive from it. So, I stopped thinking, who’s going to be interested in my writing and believed that what I have to say does matter – to someone. You shouldn’t worry about what others might think. That is one thing I will always tell myself and will continue telling myself forever - or until I do something stupid. Making decisions because something might or might not happen does not help you achieve anything.

I’m going to be blogging about the arts, a lot about acting, travelling, food and my life advice to you, from my own experiences.



Holly Kellingray

I’m 21 years old. Nearly 22. Definitely feel like an adult since being 21. Your perspective definitely changes. That might have been because I also graduated from University last June. I went to the Arts University Bournemouth and trained as an actor. I cannot recommend the Arts University Bournemouth enough, it’s one of the best Arts Specialist Universities in the country with talented lecturers AND in a beautiful location on the south coast! In the summer, it feels like you are on holiday everyday. I’m from the Midlands and based between there and London now. I’m never really based in one location. I love travelling – I have a whole blog post to come on interrailing and how to do it properly.

Whilst I was writing my first post, I was feeling guilty about spending hours on this and not on the new script I need to write. I have a bad habit of starting something and not finishing it. It's hard to focus on one task without your brain thinking about something else your supposed to be learning or doing, isn't it? So, I’ve got a few tips I will share about how to overcome this and allow for a better work ethic.

This is my theatre company: Hooked Theatre and our official website will be coming soon – I’m in the process of making it. If you have your own theatre company or have companies that you love to follow, do share with me as I’d love to see other’s work.

I'm going to share a blog on How to Create Your Own Theatre Company soon because it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I would encourage anyone who’s thinking about doing it to do it. Besides, I get to work with my best friend everyday doing it – what more did our 12 year old selves want in life? Until then, one of my next blogs will be about Cancer. Change of subject, but my brother has just survived cancer for the 3rd time and I want to tell you about how it changed my perspective on life.

I will actually write a post for you who are interested on how to start a blog once I’ve figured it out myself.


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